Bermondsey Project has been a truly collaborative venture that has become one of London’s most vital arts communities and a key player in the cultural renaissance of the area. Sadly all this will come to an end due to redevelopment of the site next year.

In September 2014 Crisis Skylight Bermondsey and the gallery will be closing and in March 2015 the remaining building users and partners, Bow Arts, Crisis warehouse, London Sculpture Workshop and London Community Furniture will also be moving on.

To mark this and celebrate all that has been achieved over the last 5 years we will be hosting an all day series of events on Friday 12th September. These events will showcase the artists, designers, makers and other partners who have contributed to the projects unique cultural mix, for more information click here. The 12th will aslo see the opening of two exhibitions. In the Ground Floor gallery Mark Wallinger will present the Best of Bow Arts, whilst on the 2nd floor, Zandra Rhodes will open ‘Made In Bermondsey’ showcasing all of the designers and makers in the building, plus the work of our own members. For more information on these events click here.

We set up Bermondsey Project to stimulate debate and to act as a catalyst for our socially excluded members to re-engage and play an equal role in the project’s and our city’s creative output.

“Bermondsey Project has been a really exciting venture that has contributed greatly to the cultural life of this part of London – as well as providing unrivalled resources and facilities for ex homeless artists in London. Crisis would like to thank all of our partners who have worked with us over the past 2 to 5 years to create this unique project”

Director of Bermondsey Project, Mick Bateman

Please join us on the 12th – more info to follow soon

London Sculpture Workshop continue to do great things at their new venue in Thames Side Studios.
They have currently received 60% of their required £50,745 goal.
London Sculpture workshop seek to set up a community ceramics hub and foundry to upskill communities through material engagement and widen participation in creative learning across all demographics.

Sadiq Khan, The Mayor of London said “Our crowdfunding initiative is a chance for all Londoners to take part in the regeneration of their neighbourhoods from the grassroots up. I’m pledging support to an extraordinary range of local groups, for projects that will help strengthen their local communities, and make London an even greater city.”

We are thrilled that Sadiq Khan has pledged 20k towards our campaign ‘Melting Pot’, however without your pledges we cannot receive any funding. It is an ‘all or nothing’ model campaign which means our project needs further backing from Londoners to help make our community hub happen.

We are determined to reach our target –  if you would like to do any of our short courses and can’t quite afford the full amount, if you pledge at least 3/4 of the course fee via our Spacehive Campaign we can let you do the course!


If you have any queries please email


London Sculpture Workshop Goals

  • Construct a ceramics hub and foundry at the London Sculpture Workshop
  • Develop, programme and facilitate a series of material-led projects with the community
  • Provide opportunities for community-focused interaction and profile around e.g. pop up exhibitions and publications
  • Forge long term relationships with community groups locally and further afield
  • Empower local communities to exhibit and earn income through selling their work through real-life and digital hubs


The course is designed for students who are interested in customized business Italian classesPlease contact us to set up your customized class: we will be happy to tailor a class geared to your specific requirements.

Packages and pricing for customized business Italian classes:

10 lessons (1h each), at your office:

  • Private (1 person): £600
  • Semi private (2/3 persons): £700
  • Group (4 persons or more): £800 


Rates are based on the type of class depending on:

  • Number of lessons (discounts available for packages)
  • Number of people: personal training / semi private / group
  • Venue: your office / our  classroom (Central London)
  • Materials needed


The project concentrates on the Italian language of business,  aiming at providing students the fundamental vocabulary and professional expressions.. Since the material is broad, students may start the course by arranging a program with the teacher concentrating on the basis of their needs with the help of selected textbooks.


Topics that may be discussed during the course:

1. Layout of a business letter
2. Requesting and sending price lists, catalogues and samples. Orders, payment, complaints, organizing transport, rentals, insurance
3. Job applications and advertising for sales representatives
4. Business owners: classification of companies
5. Retail and wholesale companies, sales networks
6. The organization of commerce, agents, sales representatives, couriers, chambers of commerce, commercial associations
7. Banking documents
8. Italian and European business regulations
9. Sales contracts
10. Writing a resume
11. Requesting and providing references


Study Italian language  in Italy and immerse yourself in Italian culture.
Enjoy a week among the Monferrato hills. Discover its castles and nature, between history, art and wines.

If you are an Elementary  learner of Italian and would like to boost your fluency this is the right offer for you. OfCourseItalian is organising an intensive course in the heart of  Monferrato a few kilometers from Moncalvo in a picturesque area where you can taste excellent food and wine. Does Barbera and white trufle ring a bell?

Improve your fluency in Italian  and experience  a complete learning immersion, learn the language whilst sharing the elegant farmhouse with Lorenza, the land lady and Federica, your Italian tutor.Montferrato

Studying a language in its country of origin provides a valuable linguistic and culture experience. Conversing with native speakers, will allow you to continually improve your own capability to understand and to communicate.

Your stay will also include a day trip to Turin, with its beautiful piazze and the possibility to visit the Egyptian museum.  Monferrato has beautiful country walks and, of course, you will share Lorenza’s passion for gardening and cooking. We all will not leave the elegant Farmhouse Cascina Vicentini in the heart of Monferrato without having learnt how to make Pizza.

Have fun, enjoy our sun and food while improving your Italian, as learning a language is not about being stuck in a classroom!

For the details programme and Italian course Italian Immersion Holiday

Italian class for Beginners starts Jan 2015 – This course is 8 weeks long, it starts on 2015 and each class meets for 2 hours.
Starts: 2015 12:40PM

Ends: 28/02/15
Duration: 2 hours

Course Price:

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96 Euston Rd
United Kingdom
Italian class for Beginners

italian lessonsWhat is the best method to learn Italian language quickly? Whether people are attempting to know conversational Italian for an upcoming holiday, or you are trying to build your business a small bit more global, anyone can learn Italian language quick by realizing the key artistic ideas of more

Studying Italian is a extremely useful if you plan to work in Italy or perhaps another Italian speaking place. Additionally, Italian is to greater or less magnitude used in various fields as a Lingua Franca, including in some regions of the Roman Catholic Church, in fashion, in certain areas of the arts (particularly visual arts and design , and also opera), plus to some degree within sports such as motor racing and soccer.
Italian speakers are located in a number of nations around the world, including of course Italy, where the most of Italian language speakers live. Italian is spoken by around 63 million people. Other nations around the world where Italian is an established language include San Marino, Switzerland (where its one of four official languages along with French, The german language and Romansh), and the Italian national community within Slovenia. Inside the Vatican City, Italian is additionally widely used, although Latin is typically the official language. Additionally , an individual can find Italian conversing communities in many nations around the world.Italian Lessons London

In the event that you decide to study Italian, the most obvious option might be to go to Italian lessons. Courses do suit many people, nonetheless they are certainly not to everyone’s tastes. Furthermore, for some people, beginning Italian lessons can be not practical, either simply because they can’t fit classes around their daily plan, or because there simply are no classes in the neighborhood where which they live.

An alternative solution is home study. Home study allows anyone to work on your individual pace, enjoy flexible routine, and of course learn within the comfort of your own home. Once upon a time, home study courses were generally books and tapes, and while these options will be still available, today, anyone can also find an Italian tutor in london to suit your needs

Italian language courses London

Italian language courses London

There are numerous reasons because to why people coming from all over the planet would like to understand how to speak more

People have often wondered why children are more efficient in learning a second or even a third language when compared to adults. Scientists might finally have a concrete explanation on why children are much better at learning new languages.

italian lessons in LondonWith the aid of technology using animation and {MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)|MRI|magnetic resonance imaging, several childrens brains have been studied by researchers from UCLA. They found that the children’s ability to process language information on a region of their brain that is different from the region that adults use.

The Brains Role in Language Learning

There are various areas in the brain which control different functions. For instance, actions like walking orwalking  no longer requires people to consciously think of moving their hands and feet in coordination.

These actions are done because of people’s automatic brain functions. To link this to learning a new language, younger people actually use this automatic area of the brain in learningin this way, a second language to them is much like second nature. Adults who want to learn of a new language use a different area of their brain.
This is the reason that it is better to become bilingual or even multilingual as a child since the brain works a little differently as compared to how adults brains work.

Under 18s have the opportunity to catch up and learn new languages. This is because the opportunity to inculcate skills and information into the deep motor region of the brain is open until the age of 18; but with every year that passes, the ability to do this slows each time. This explains why older people have to think in their mother tongue and thentranslate words into a second language in contrast to children who would think automatically in another language.

Studies of the neurology of acquiring a new language have been proven to be useful. Learning the different geographic locations in the brain where information and skills are stored for both adults and children would give italian tutors the opportunity to improve their lesson presentations and instructions. To put it another way, children who learn accents and sounds while young would be much more advancedthan people who consciously study these sounds later on in their lives.

{Other Benefits of studying a second Language Early On

Studying a foreign language is easier for children than most adults as well as this great advantage, younger people have also been proven to do better in school, are more open to diversity,are more open to diversity, and score much higher on standardized tests. This is according to Francois Thibaut who runs The Language Workshop for Children. {There are nine schools around the East Coast who|Nine schools have participated in this workshop. Thibaut is known as an expert in foreign languages for babies and children.

{Through the efforts of|Because of people like Thibaut, more and more parents are recognising the importance of teaching a different language to their children. And as globalization now includes being able to communicate more coherently even to foreigners, exposing the future citizens to different languages would help equip them with the necessary language comprehension skills.

Situations are much easier handled by future ambassadors if they learn the language early on. Therefore, the future of the world is reliant on how todays childeren learn from the most important aspect of most cultures-language.

Source by Federica Deriu

Short Italian course in London
This course is 8 weeks long, it starts on 30th September 2014 and each class meets for 2 hours, weekly session(*)
Class size is limited to 6 people. The beginner course follows the text book “Nuovo Espresso1″ (not included in the course price)
Cost: £175
Morning or Afternoon Classes
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