The course is designed for students who are interested in customized business Italian classesPlease contact us to set up your customized class: we will be happy to tailor a class geared to your specific requirements.

Packages and pricing for customized business Italian classes:

10 lessons (1h each), at your office:

  • Private (1 person): £600
  • Semi private (2/3 persons): £700
  • Group (4 persons or more): £800 


Rates are based on the type of class depending on:

  • Number of lessons (discounts available for packages)
  • Number of people: personal training / semi private / group
  • Venue: your office / our  classroom (Central London)
  • Materials needed


The project concentrates on the Italian language of business,  aiming at providing students the fundamental vocabulary and professional expressions.. Since the material is broad, students may start the course by arranging a program with the teacher concentrating on the basis of their needs with the help of selected textbooks.


Topics that may be discussed during the course:

1. Layout of a business letter
2. Requesting and sending price lists, catalogues and samples. Orders, payment, complaints, organizing transport, rentals, insurance
3. Job applications and advertising for sales representatives
4. Business owners: classification of companies
5. Retail and wholesale companies, sales networks
6. The organization of commerce, agents, sales representatives, couriers, chambers of commerce, commercial associations
7. Banking documents
8. Italian and European business regulations
9. Sales contracts
10. Writing a resume
11. Requesting and providing references


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