Crisis Skylight Bermondsey is a new Skylight development located in South East London and will be a temporary project running from September 2012 till March 2014.
Supporting Crisis Skylight London, and working with other local services, it will provide a “next step” for homeless and vulnerably housed people who are ready to enrol in a more intensive curriculum helping them towards employability and self reliance. The focus will be on offering a higher level of study for the creative arts and practical programmes for vocational skillsCrisis Skylight Bermondsey

The second floor of the premises will be transformed into Crisis’ seventh Skylight.

Within The Bermondsey Project, Crisis Skylight Bermondsey will

  • Offer flexible, low cost production and presentation space in which professional artists, organisations and homeless artists will work with and alongside one another through joint projects and initiatives.
  • Deliver vocational training opportunities in electrics, plumbing, painting and decorating, to equip members with the practical skills and qualifications they need to find employment.
  • Provide artistic collaborations, mentoring, intensive workshops and practical experience for Skylight members as well as the opportunity to curate and organise artistic events.
  • Provide low cost tenancies to charitable arts and vocational organisations which can offer opportunities for Crisis Skylight members and/or resources for other residents in the project.
  • Develop key strategic partnerships with our tenants in the building and with external partners from the homeless, voluntary, community, and private sectors to enable our members to benefit fully from the wide range of opportunities available in the Bermondsey area.

The success of Crisis Skylight Bermondsey will very much depend on us having volunteers to support us in various roles.  Find out more information on these volunteering opportunities

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