∞ Time and Process

19 April 2013 to 24 April 2013
Artists: Beatriz Acevedo, Josh Berry, Joshua Brown, Pia-Jaie Carpenter, Tom Costello, Steven Gee, Grace Hosken, Iona Inglesby, Miguel Ivorra and Carlota Simo.
Private View: Thursday 18 April 2013, 6pm- 9pm

∞ Time and Process

An exhibition of 10 emerging artists exploring the theme of Time and Process entitled ∞ (Infinity). The breadth of the works exhibited corresponds to the vastness of these two topics, and the presence they possess in the work of contemporary artists as a whole. The works form a multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional collection with diverse, but cohesive concerns. The artists open up the debates that surround Time and Process providing evidence that there is more that can be said, more compelling expressions to be made, about these artistic notions.

Many of the works visually and conceptually play off each other. One asks a question, that another is ready to answer. Contemporary abstract painters, Josh Brown, Tom Costello and Steven Gee explore the expression of line as: a streak of colour on top of another that journeys across the canvas, which has a bodily weight attributed to it (Gee); as paint dragged by a fine-tooth comb defining geometric structures (Brown), and as stripes warped across elasticated material, stretched over a canvas (Costello.) The tension present in Costello’s strained material, is echoed in many of the sculptural works exhibited, reflecting a character of instability and impermanence  which suggests a potential for the viewer to witness the artwork changing its state.

Carlota Simo’s mixed metal sculptures are ready-mades formed of found pieces that are precariously balanced and welded into place, while Beatriz Acevedo’s silicon sculptures are physically malleable and are impressionable in the context of their environment. Pia-Jaie Carpenters’ piece plays with weight and the line. It captivates and defines the space it is in, exploring both her own and the material’s limitations. Iona Inglesby’s drawing machine creates and erases a circle in the same stroke, suspending the process of constructing a complete form whilst remaining constantly in motion; and Steve Gee’s painter’s troughs are dehydrated paintings – aluminium trays filled with an acrylic and water mix – which over a course of 16 days evaporate.

Josh Berry’s poignant pressed flowers photographed over light boxes suggest a symbol of vanitas in perfect stillness, preserving its life, or perhaps, elongating its death? While, Grace Hosken also toys with time, recognising its demand to be well used in her minimalist monochrome installations. Finally Miguel Ivorra’s photographic series – The Dama de Elche collection – documents the hand of the artist, which playfully dresses and undresses a sculptural bust, and alludes to – like many in the exhibition – the collective impact of time, that is: an evolving history, in which the artists participate.

As a whole, the artworks work with the industrial, but deal in the delicate; praise, test and question the authenticity and strength of medium, and display and analyse the role of process. Conceptually they ask how does a contemporary artist leave his or her mark on history; by what medium, to what effect, and how long will that mark endure?

This exhibition includes artworks by: Beatriz Acevedo, Josh Berry, Joshua Brown, Pia-Jaie Carpenter, Tom Costello, Steven Gee, Grace Hosken, Iona Inglesby, Miguel Ivorra and Carlota Simo.

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