On Watching

28th October - 1st November 2013
Daniel Curtis
Michael Dryden
Jason Kerley
Christopher Lee

Private View - Monday 28th October, 6pm-9pm
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On Watching


How much does an object disclose about itself? At what point does an object make a transition into the art object, and what changes occur during this contextual displacement? How much are we in control of an object’s meaning, and what devices do we employ or receive to understand them?

Presenting new works from artists Michael Dryden, Jason Kerley, Christopher Lee and Daniel Curtis, On Watching is a curatorially collaborative exhibition showing at Bermondsey Project Space, south London. Taking its title from E.C.Large’s text ‘On Watching an Onion’, in which the writer tries to apprehend (in both the aggressive and cognitive senses of the word) the essence, nature or ‘secret’ of the Onion – his object in question – by applying and wrestling with multiple contexts and ways of perceiving, before ultimately destroying his object of observation.  On Watching similarly explores the themes and struggles around the contemporary nature of the art object and its perception.


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