Ditto : Imprint : Impression : Influence : Wield

Tuesday 20 May 2014
Speaker: Anna Salamon
Time: 6.30pm ,

Ditto : Imprint : Impression : Influence : Wield

Anna Salamon graduated from Royal Academy Schools in 2012. She previously studied at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University and read Cultural Studies at University of Warsaw. Her work was recently included in Alignment, Backlit, Nottingham (2013) and Creekside Open selected by Paul Noble, APT Gallery (2013).

She works in the expanded field of painting, focusing on (non)object-hood and colour as places where image/support, body/text, language/experience dialectics can be most efficiently collapsed. Employing painting, drawing, printmaking and site-sensitive wall installations, her work seeks to register subtle mechanisms of embodiment, translation and forgetting.

Her current re-search project (Idiosyncratic) Dictionary of (Ubiquitous) Forms of Delivery and Encounter was set up to index spatial and linguistic articulations of private dwelling, and as a framework to question exhibiting activity in relation to studio activity as well as other ways of encountering things, objects, people and ephemera. One of the outputs is an online index of minor architecture: magentabuff.tumblr.com.

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