Hossein Khosrojerdi

7 June 2013 to 23 June 2013
Artists: Hossein Khosrojerdi
Private View: Thursday 6 June 2013, 6pm- 9pm
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Hossein Khosrojerdi



Khosrojerdi has exhibited in many museums and has received numerous prizes and accolades, including the Grand Prize of the Sharjah Biennial in 2001. This exhibition will be accompanied by a workshop programme involving members of Crisis Skylight Bermondsey. We are pleased to host Hossein Khosrojerdi’s first major show for 5 year in which Khosrojerdi will also be participating in a workshop programme involving members of Crisis Skylight Bermondsey, linking together both his and Crisis’ preoccupation with social engagement and how political decisions can negatively affect the society of the future.

A constant and recurring engagement with the medium of painting, its limits, evolution and distinguished language characterizes Hossein Khosrojerdi’s practice. From socially and ideologically informed works during the early years of revolution and war, when he became a prominent artist, to his later digital figurative works which highlight a poetic criticism of the withdrawal of the revolution dream, he remained loyal to the idea of a socially engaged art.

Hossein Khosrojerdi’s new body of works testifies how investigation (research) and transformation are still the main drives for his practice. This time, it is the inner gaze that contemplates the act of painting. All produced after his immigration to the UK, this series of works deconstructs artistic attitudes, which gave birth to various masterpieces of Western art. He anatomizes these masterpieces and random banal images to their most fundamental formal elements and towards the refinement of their emotional essence.

What is sticking here is the underlined presence of painting in all these digital works. Most of them resemble the texture of the brush stroke on canvas and the tradition of abstract and minimal painting.

In order to discover one true relationship in creating a painting, it is necessary to sacrifice a thousand surface appearances without being able to actually visualize or examine them.  By using digital devices, the artist is able to materialize the possibilities of appearances and to acknowledge, emphasis, and intertwine the element of chance and arbitrary alterations in the process of image making. Through this process, he proposes possibilities of overcoming this particular limitation of painting.

The resulting artworks assert nothing definite, and avoid making a specific point. He creates a pictorial space that encourages audience’s engagement in creating meanings and interpretations; a sensitive passage between the subjective space of the artist and its audience.

Hossein Khosrojerdi’s practice has witnessed resistance, transition, suspense, and transformation. His rejection of an artificially maintained consistency of style has been a conscious conceptual act that allowed him to investigate freely the basic principles of paintings and to convey the everlasting presence of change and alteration.






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