London South Bank University – Beginnings

Private View:
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London South Bank University – Beginnings

The students of BA Digital Photography and BA Digital Media Arts at London South Bank University are pleased to invite you to private viewing for their Final Degree Show: Beginnings.

A celebration of three years of artistic development, this exhibition showcases the final pieces of photographic and digital art work produced by a group of talented individuals. The work that can be seen highlights a wide variety of styles and content, as well as various methods of production and display, that only a degree show could present. The heightened efforts that have been put in to creating the work here, as well as throughout the three years of the course, can clearly be seen in the standard of pieces that adorn this space.

Lending a name to the exhibition has been equally as important to the students as producing the work itself. Stating that this event is a “final degree show” asserts connotations that do not seem to fit with the attitude of the exhibitors. This is not the final work that shall be created. Nor is this an end. It is more the Beginnings of what lies ahead.

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