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New Work

New Work is Claire Baily, Olivia Bax, Jack Conway Hems and Jean-Philippe Dordolo’s attempt to materially reflect on larger ideas. The exhibition is hosted in Project 2, a space acting as a container for experimentation, on the ground floor of a large industrial building.

For some it is the opportunity to scale up existing concepts. With boldness, testing them against the industrial proportions of a building. Others have embraced its features and produced work in response to the striking characteristics of the space.

Although scale is not all that’s at stake here it acts as a common language. For Baily it is the scale of hospitability. Her work displays strong domestic influences but its proportions questions its potential suitability for homely context.

Bax and Hems are interested in the monumentality of architectural features treated sculpturally. Bax uses it as a prop, a skeleton to build on and around, while Hems exposes a range of systemic features reflecting history and meaning.

In Dordolo’s work, the distortion of content and the totemic value of the large scale object probes monumentality as a referential tool generating alternative narratives.

Yet in all cases it is the idea of reaching that is predominant. High and wide for something other or bigger. Not so much exposing but rather navigating along the shores of monumentality, flirting with its scale and function. It is a loose and dynamic narrative the viewer is invited to read into, or just browse through.

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