Nigeria Monarchs

11th October– 3rd November 2013
Artists: George Osodi
Private View: 10th October 2013- 6-9 pm 
(invitation only)
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Nigeria Monarchs

Z Photographic Ltd presents ‘Nigeria Monarchs’

A major exhibition by acclaimed Nigerian photographer George Osodi

The Custodians of Peace and Culture by George Osodi  “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture,” said Marcus Garvey, one of the founders of the Pan–‐Africanism movement in the early 1900s, “is like a tree without roots.”Documenting and archiving culture is the key to understanding origins and thus developing a sense of identity.

The idea behind this project is to travel around this diverse country and go beyond the portraits to explore the subjects environments, being the custodians of our cultural heritage and peace makers, exploring their architecture and fashion with the view to showcase and celebrate them and to mirror the country’s great culture through their personalities.

I am of the view especially in this time of sectarian and insecurity crisis, that people generally see the diverse nature among its various people as a strength and not weakness or divide.

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