WhereHouse Art Show

29 August , 2013 to 2 September, 2013
Artists: Lara Bartosz, Alessandra Dini, Veronica Gudmundson, Sezan Mourat-Sansom, Karen Piddington, Laura Ramon-Frontelo, Morfydd Ransom-Hall, Jean Stockwell, Inga Street, Jana Valencic
Private View: Friday 30th August 2013, 6pm-9pm

WhereHouse Art Show

A collaboration of 10 artists presents WhereHouse, a collection of eclectic and innovative contemporary art works in various media – drawing, painitng, photography, installation, sculpture – designed to stimulate and provoke.

WhereHouse is in support of the work of Crisis, the homeless charity, and this has served as an inspiration for the exhibition.

Meet the artists at the private view, from 6-9pm on Friday 30th August. The evening promises to be lively and exciting.

Lara Bartosz
Alessandra Dini
Veronica Gudmundson
Sezan Mourat-Sansom
Karen Piddington
Laura Ramon-Frontelo
Morfydd Ransom-Hall
Jean Stockwell
Inga Street
Jana Valencic

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